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Committee: Judiciary, 1958-1962

 File — Box: 38, Folder: 1
Identifier: Folder 1
Scope and Contents A large collection of letters, photocopies of news articles, telegrams, memorandums & 1 copy of "Committee on the Judiciary . . . Rules," 86th Cong. Examples are: a letter from several "Filipinos in the U.S. Naval Services" indicating that they should be given the right to become citizens of the United States, Wilson's follow up on this and several letters dealing with this topic; a "Resolution Opposing Federal Interference with Established Interstate Compact Agencies" Governors'...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1958-1962

Committees: Merchant Marine & Fisheries, 1954-1963

 File — Box: 38, Folder: 2
Identifier: Folder 2
Scope and Contents A collection of letters, a telegram & 2 copies of H.R. 7296 (5/7/57). Examples are: a letter from Chula Vista constituent Charlotte Porter re/ confinement restrictions on the Bald Eagle; a report from Congressman William S. Mailliard highlighting recent legislation; a telegram from Harbor Water Taxi Co. & Wilson's reply re/ H.R. 7296 & copies of the bill; a letter from Congressman Herbert C. Bonner re/ construction of a superliner passenger vessel to replace SS AMERICA; &...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1954-1963

Committees: Judiciary, 1964-1965

 File — Box: 38, Folder: 3
Identifier: Folder 3
Scope and Contents A collection of letters & 2 copies of Congressional Bills. Examples are: letters from constituent Mrs. Allen, Edwin B. Kennerly (American Law Division, Library of Congress), Congressman Wilson & a copy of the "85th Cong., 2d Sess., S.2646 . . . May 15, 1958 . . . A Bill To limit the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. . . ." (6 pp.); letters from Mrs. Holly Wilkins (Crawford High School & students), Congressmen Wilson & Emanuel Celler re/ the problem of presidential...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1964-1965

Congressional Records Inserts, 1953-1958

 File — Box: 38, Folder: 4
Identifier: Folder 4
Scope and Contents

A small collection of pages from the Congressional Record-Appendix & comments from Bob Wilson, Florence P. Dwyer & Arthur A. Kimball (Acting Deputy Administrator) re/ topics such as Advertising Council and 'free enterprise system," Wilson's speeches in the House on a number of issues & Congresswoman Dwyer's newsletter (5/22/58) praising Vice President Nixon's trip to South America.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1953-1958

Congressional Record Inserts, 1959-1960

 File — Box: 38, Folder: 5
Identifier: Folder 5
Scope and Contents

A collection of letters, copies of Wilson's remarks to the House, memos, articles, news clippings, excerpts from the Congressional Record, a Resolution from the City of San Diego, a copy of an address by the Honorable Thomas B. Curtis on "The Outlook For Legislation That Will Effect Business in 1960 & other items including personal information on Congressman Wilson.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1959-1960

Congressional Record Inserts, 1961

 File — Box: 38, Folder: 6
Identifier: Folder 6
Scope and Contents A large collection of letters, speeches, articles, office notes, pages from the Congressional Record -- Appendix & news releases. Examples are: Fleet Reserve Association's "People to People" activities overseas; a copy of a 24 page essay by Library of Congress Legislative Attorney David M. Leive "Legal Basis For Unilateral U.S. Intervention in Cuba;" copies of statements by Congress Wilson before the House of Representatives, copy of "Citizens Committee For Aviation Safety;" CA House...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1961

Congressional Record Inserts, 1962

 File — Box: 38, Folder: 7
Identifier: Folder 7
Scope and Contents A large collection of letters, news clippings, postal cards, Congressional Record excepts, magazine articles, speeches & telegrams. Examples are: brief communication between a Coronado constituent and Congressman Wilson re/ Evening Tribune article - "Why Did the Stock Market Tumble?;" letter and article "Are You Alert To Communist Infiltration" by Ginny Wells; Cong. insert related to San Diego Auditor and Comptroller Fred Lawrence's "The Municipal Finance Officers' Heritage and...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1962

Congressional Records Inserts, 1963

 File — Box: 38, Folder: 8
Identifier: Folder 8
Scope and Contents A large collection of letters, Wilson's extension of remarks to Congress, pamphlets, excerpts from the Congressional Record, news articles & a list of the names "to which the daily Congressional Record of the Eighty-Seventh Congress was mailed upon the request of the Honorable Bob Wilson." Examples of items and topics are: Wilson's requests to include remarks of Walter Winchell, Walter Knott & the platform and principles of the California Republican State Central Committee; statement...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1963

Congressional Records Inserts, 1963

 File — Box: 38, Folder: 9
Identifier: Folder 9
Scope and Contents A collection of letters, Congressional Record Inserts, brochures, news clippings, memos & other items: Examples are: 2 page copy of Bob Wilson's address to the House on a patriotic theme of Flag Day; a letter from John C. Williamson (National Assn. of Real Estate Boards), Wilson's reply and a copy of "Property Owners' Bill of Rights;" excerpt from the Cong. Record re/ "The Upset Victory in California - A Tribute To California Voters and To Bob Wilson;" copies of Wilson's Resolution re/...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1963

Congressional Record, 1957-1958

 File — Box: 38, Folder: 10
Identifier: Folder 10
Scope and Contents

A collection of  letters, postal cards & other items regarding those who wish to receive copies of the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD. Lists of these are contained in this folder.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1957-1958