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Federal Government: Navy – Naval Training Center, 1955

 File — Box: 78, Folder: 11
Identifier: Folder 11
Scope and Contents

Only the following item. Letters (June-July 1955) from constituent Roy M. Wilhite, Congressman Wilson & Capt. Eugene C. Rider (Dir., Shore Establishment Div., BuPers) regarding responses to Mr. Wilhite's concerns about routine maintenance at NTC being out-sourced to private enterprise. The Bureau indicated that certain facilities were under review, but only the Tree and Garden Nursery was being considered at this time.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1955

Federal Government: Navy – Naval Training Center, 1955-1958

 File — Box: 78, Folder: 12
Identifier: Folder 12
Scope and Contents A small collection of letters & news releases. a letter (12/2/55) from VAdm. J. L. Holloway, Jr. (Chief of Naval Personnel) to Wilson re/ reductions in civilian employees at the U.S. Naval Training Center and Naval Amphibious Base; letters (Nov.-Dec.1957) from Wilson, Col. E. M. Staab, Jr. USMC (Assistant Chief for Morale Services, Acting, Bureau of Naval Personnel) & Jack Mashin (Dir. of Athletics, Grossmont Union High School) re/ compensation "to Mr. Jack Mashin for coaching...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1955-1958

Federal Government: Navy – Naval Training Center, 1958-1961

 File — Box: 78, Folder: 13
Identifier: Folder 13
Scope and Contents A collection of letters, telegrams, news letters, notes & other items. Examples are: a large packet of letters, telegrams & a "Civilian Personnel Newsletter" (1957-1959) from constituents, Wilson, naval personnel & others re/ reduction in force for NTC's Disbursing Office & retirement issues; a packet of notes, letters & mail grams (Nov. 1958-July 1959) from constituents, Wilson, Naval Training Center, S.D Urban League & others re/ alleged discrimination in Navy...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1958-1961

Federal Government: Navy – Naval Training Center, 1963

 File — Box: 78, Folder: 14
Identifier: Folder 14
Scope and Contents

Only one small packet of letters (Feb.-May 1963) from Kenneth Swanson (President, Snowflake Baking Co., Inc.), Congressman Wilson, RAdm. N. J. Drustrup (Deputy Chief, Bureau of Yards and Docks) & Capt. R. A. Haase (Asst. Chief for Property Management, BuPers) re/ mess hall construction plans for NTC and concerns by Sunbeam Bread president Swanson that a large bakery would be built there. The Navy assured Wilson and Swanson that this was not planned.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1963

Federal Government: Navy – U.S. Naval Station (Reduction-in-force), 1957-1959

 File — Box: 78, Folder: 15
Identifier: Folder 15
Scope and Contents A large collection of letters, telegrams, news clippings & other items. Examples are: a letter (2/14/57) from Senator Thomas H. Kuchel to E.O. Arnold (Employees Assn. Naval Station) re/ "the reduction in force at your facility will not be 140 as you feared, but will be held to 70;" a large packet of letters (May-June 1957) re/ commissary staffing & civilian employment at various naval stations; a letter (6/7/57) from RAdm. James S. Russell (Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics) to...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1957-1959

Federal Government: Railroad Retirement Board, 1962

 File — Box: 78, Folder: 16
Identifier: Folder 16
Scope and Contents

Only one small packet of letters (Mar.-June 1962) from San Ysidro constituent William B. Harrell, Congressman Wilson & J. J. Finnerty (Regional Director, Railroad Retirement Board) re/ Mr. Harrell's attempt, with Wilson's assistance, to have his case with the retirement board reevaluated.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1962

Federal Government: Small Business Administration, 1964

 File — Box: 78, Folder: 17
Identifier: Folder 17
Scope and Contents A small collection of letters and a copy of the State Department's Agency for International Development, "AID Small Business Circular Trade Opportunities for American Suppliers" (2/18/64 – 8 pp.). A collection of letters (Feb.-Apr. 1964) from Congressman Wilson & Charles Donahue (Office of the Solicitor, Dept. of Labor) re/ inquiry by Glenn A. Dowdy (Associated General Contractors of America) "pertaining to the payroll deductions for vacation benefits on the F.E. Young Construction...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1964

Federal Government: Office of Economic Opportunity, 1964-1968

 File — Box: 78, Folder: 18
Identifier: Folder 18
Scope and Contents A large collection of letters, telegrams, government materials & other items. Examples are: a small number of information bulletins from the Public Affairs Office of the Office of Economic Opportunity re/ Facts About Vista Volunteers, Job Corps Facts, Quick Facts About the War on Poverty and The War On Poverty – A Hometown Fight: letters (Dec. 1964-Jan. 1965) from constituent John K. Perkins (General Atomic, E-122), Congressman Wilson & Gillis W. Long (Asst. Dir., OEO) re/ an inquiry...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1964-1968