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Public Works, 1956, 1964

 File — Box: 131, Folder: 1
Identifier: Folder 1
Scope and Contents A collection of telegrams, letters, reports and a 1956 Summery of a Military Public Works Bill Examples are: letters (2/3, 13 & 17 & 3/ 9 & 17) re/ Wilson and the Dept. of the Army’s Director of Public Works respond to Lakeside constituent Richard Johnson’s concern about the Rampart Canyon Dam in Alaska and the problem of water pollution in the United State; a telegram (5/14) from Oscar T. Lawler (President, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce) to Wilson re/ opposition to” Secretary...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1956, 1964

Public Works, 1965

 File — Box: 131, Folder: 2
Identifier: Folder 2
Scope and Contents This is a small collection of letters, brochures, a telegram & a summary report. They are filed from Dec. to Jan. Examples are: a stapled packet containing letters (12/2, 3, 15 & 28), Dept. of Interior brochures for Glen Canyon Dam & Colorado River Storage Project, a 5 page “Summary – lower Colorado River Basin Project With Particular Reference to the Bridge Canyon and Marble Canyon Units” & a 4 page news release (5/19) “Secretary Udall Supports Authorization of Comprehensive...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1965

Public Works: Bayview Estates, 1962 January-1963 September

 File — Box: 131, Folder: 3
Identifier: Folder 3
Scope and Contents A small collection of letters from Jan. 1962 to Sept. 1963 that are concerned with beach erosion on the Coronado side of San Diego Bay, because of “Dredging at the quaywall, North Island to accommodate berthing of the Kitty Hawk or the Constitution” and other dredging in San Diego Bay and for Harbor Island. Resident Mrs. Hazel N. Handke, Congressman Wilson and Colonel Robert M. Tarbox (Asst. Dir. of Civil Works for Southwestern Div., HQ Dept. of the Army) are those who have letters in this...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1962 January-1963 September

Public Works: Dams, 1957, 1959

 File — Box: 131, Folder: 4
Identifier: Folder 4
Scope and Contents The small collection of letters, 2 telegrams and a Resolution are as follows: a letter (7/22/57) from Steve Fletcher (Ed Fletcher Company) & Wilson’s reply (7/26/57) re/ The Fletcher Company’s concern about property they own near the Klamath River and the prospect that a dam may be built in this area. Wilson indicated “that there is no development imminent;” letters & telegrams (Apr. & May 1957) re/ concerns of Fred W. Simpson (Chairman, Colorado River Board of California (Wilson...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1957, 1959

Public Works: Flood Control, Civil Rights, 1955-1959

 File — Box: 131, Folder: 5
Identifier: Folder 5
Scope and Contents A collection of letters, a public notice, a list of interested parties, a statement and a pamphlet: Examples are: a letter (8/30/55) from Colonel William F. Cassidy (Division Engineer, South Pacific Division, Corps of Engineers) to Wilson re/ “Enclosed for your advance information copy of a public notice that will be released . . . together with a copy of the mailing list of persons to whom it will be furnished” regarding “flood control on Las Chollas Creek;” a letter (12/29/59) from C. J....
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1955-1959

Public Works: Flood Control, 1956-1957, 1960

 File — Box: 131, Folder: 6
Identifier: Folder 6
Scope and Contents A collection of letters, a news release, a reference sheet, tabulations for flood control, a public notice, map and list of interested parties: Examples are: letters (11/28/56 & 1/21/57) from De Graff Austin (Chairman, Bd. of Supervisors, County of San Diego) & Wilson’s reply (1/7/57) re/ two crucial items to discuss with Wilson: “the closing of the international border to juveniles, and the South Bay channel opening;” a letter (3/6/57) from Brig. General J. L. Person (Asst. Chief of...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1956-1957, 1960

Public Works: Flood Control, 1961

 File — Box: 131, Folder: 7
Identifier: Folder 7
Scope and Contents This small collection of letters, a statement & a petition are as follows: a letter (3/1/61) from William E. Warne (Director, CA Dept. of Water Resources) to Wilson and enclosed copies of letters sent to federal officials “with reference to federal cooperation in financing the flood control segment of the Oroville Dam and Reservoir;” letters (7/27 & 8/2/61) from Lloyd M. Mitchell (City Mgr. Escondido) & Wilson re/ “concerning the flooding of Escondido Creek and Reidy Creek;” a...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1961

Public Works: Flood Control, 1962

 File — Box: 131, Folder: 8
Identifier: Folder 8
Scope and Contents A collection of letters, reports, statements, resolutions & other government material related to flood control. These are filed from July 1962 back to December 1961. Examples are: a letter (7/12) from the San Antonio Land Owners’ Association & attached copy of their 10/24/61 “Resolution Against Building San Antonio Dam at Pleyto B Reservoir Site on San Antonio River” re/ Bill H. R. 12081, “certain land and easement interests at Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation” for construction of...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1962

Public Works: Flood Control, 1963

 File — Box: 131, Folder: 9
Identifier: Folder 9
Scope and Contents A collection of letters, reports, maps & lists of interest parties: these are filed from August back to February. Examples are: a letter (8/30) from Brig. Gen. Arthur H. Frye, Jr. (Division Engineer, South Pacific Div., Corps of Engineers) to Wilson and attached information (9/9) re/ “Notice of Report for Flood Control on Tahquiz Creek, Whitewater River Basin, California,” map & list of interested parties; a letter (4/5) from Col. Earl G. Peacock (Dist. Engineer, Corps of Engineers,...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1963

Public Works: Flood Control, 1965

 File — Box: 131, Folder: 10
Identifier: Folder 10
Scope and Contents A collection of letters, list of surveys and photographs: these are filed from May back to March. Examples are: copies of letters (5/25) from “the California Delegation to the House of Representatives” to Congressmen Hale Boggs, Carl Albert & John W. McCormack in support of “H.R. 484, a bill to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to construct, operate, and maintain the Auburn-Folsom South Unit, American River division, Central Valley project, California, under the Federal...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1965